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Midtown Engagement Portraits | Sara & Brian


I had a wonderful morning with Sara & Brian. Not only are they a ton of fun, we hit all my favorite Midtown spots: Westside, The High and a Winn Park. Plus, colors galore, which is how I like my pictures!

Nothing like some sunshine and smiles to help you get through the week back to work.

I can’t wait for this wedding!

Sara_01 Sara_02 Sara_03 Sara_04 Sara_05 Sara_06 Sara_07 Sara_08 Sara_09 Sara_10 Sara_11 Sara_12 Sara_13 Sara_14 Sara_15 Sara_16

Sammi & Jesse | Atlanta Beltline Engagement Session

One of the things I love most about The Beltline is that it’s ever changing. There are constantly new installations, new murals, new flowers. It’s such a wonderful place to spend ¬†time and to use as a backdrop for portraits.

I had a great time with Sammi & Jesse for these pictures. Can’t wait for their wedding this fall!


Engagement Portraits Atlanta Beltline SammiJesse_blog_02 SammiJesse_blog_03 SammiJesse_blog_04 SammiJesse_blog_05 SammiJesse_blog_06 SammiJesse_blog_07 SammiJesse_blog_08 SammiJesse_blog_09

Spring Chicago Engagement Portraits | Allie & Andrew

Chicago during the first weekend of May might be the most perfect thing ever. The trees and flowers bloomed, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot. It was a second chance at spring since Atlanta is fully into summer these days.

Allie, Andrew and I took full advantage of a perfect day and walked all over the city. Buildings, bridges, the lake, the river, Gold Coast, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Millennium Park, West Loop: we saw so much of the city.

Plus, both of their families came in for the weekend so it was a family party the whole time.

I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

AllieAndrew_01 AllieAndrew_02 AllieAndrew_03 AllieAndrew_04 AllieAndrew_05 AllieAndrew_06 AllieAndrew_07 AllieAndrew_08 AllieAndrew_09 AllieAndrew_10 AllieAndrew_11 AllieAndrew_12 AllieAndrew_13 AllieAndrew_14 AllieAndrew_15 AllieAndrew_16 AllieAndrew_17 AllieAndrew_18 AllieAndrew_19 AllieAndrew_20 AllieAndrew_21