I love this family! They had a party that truly did them justice and celebrated their amazing first son.

Mazel tov, Merlin family! Can’t wait for the next one!

Planner: Laura Maddox, Magnolia Events

Venue: American Spirit Works

Decor: Bold American Events Design

Caterer: Sandra Banks Added Touch

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You remember the flower grandpa? I might not have mentioned it before, but there were lot of other magical moment’s from Jen & Austin’s wedding. Forgive me, it’s hard to top People Magazine, the Today Show and all all the other places that picked it up 🙂

The rest of their wedding was just as sweet and joy-filled as their famous flower girl. I am so thrilled to have been there!

Venue: Grand Hyatt Buckhead

Planner: Terry Saxe, Special T Events

Florist: Event Scapes Atlanta


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I am so excited to have been a part of Raina’s beautiful weekend at Camp Barney!

Everything I love about camp was on display this weekend: running around outside all day, being surrounded by friends and family, all the different activities. Mazel Tov Raina!

Location: Camp Barney

Planner: Sharon Fisher Events

Video: Dewitt Smith Video Productions


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