Month: September 2015

Tuck & Peter | Maine Late Summer Wedding


Tuck (Stewart, to her non-camp friends,) married her Peter at camp last month. I don’t have the words to talk about how happy I am for them so I’m going leave it to the images.

Love you guys.

TuckPeter_01 TuckPeter_02 TuckPeter_03 TuckPeter_04 TuckPeter_05 TuckPeter_06 TuckPeter_07 TuckPeter_08 TuckPeter_09 TuckPeter_10 TuckPeter_11 TuckPeter_12 TuckPeter_13 TuckPeter_14 TuckPeter_15 TuckPeter_16 TuckPeter_17 TuckPeter_18 TuckPeter_19 TuckPeter_20 TuckPeter_21 TuckPeter_22 TuckPeter_23 TuckPeter_24 TuckPeter_25 TuckPeter_26 TuckPeter_27 TuckPeter_28 TuckPeter_29 TuckPeter_30 TuckPeter_31 TuckPeter_32

Midtown Engagement Portraits | Sara & Brian


I had a wonderful morning with Sara & Brian. Not only are they a ton of fun, we hit all my favorite Midtown spots: Westside, The High and a Winn Park. Plus, colors galore, which is how I like my pictures!

Nothing like some sunshine and smiles to help you get through the week back to work.

I can’t wait for this wedding!

Sara_01 Sara_02 Sara_03 Sara_04 Sara_05 Sara_06 Sara_07 Sara_08 Sara_09 Sara_10 Sara_11 Sara_12 Sara_13 Sara_14 Sara_15 Sara_16