Month: March 2013

Monday Prettiness | Le Jardin Francais

It has been such cold drab spring, I wanted to start this week off with some colorful flowers! It’s no secret that I spend a ton of time with the brilliant ladies of Le Jardin Francais so it was very easy for me to pull together some pictures of their work that will get your week off to a colorful start.

They are now doing the display at the St. Regis (as well as several other hotels and restaurants.) The first pictures are from two different displays of theirs. The other pictures are from their Valentine’s Day pieces. Go check them out, they have a weekend shop in the Westside Provisions District.

To warmer weather and more flowers!

le-jardin-blogle-jardin-blog2 le-jardin-blog3 le-jardin-blog4 le-jardin-blog5 le-jardin-blog6Florals by Le Jardin Francais

Hanging with Henry | One-year-old Portraits

These pics are really much more personal than professional. But, I love them so much I wanted to share.

I’ve said it many times before, but my favorite way to take pictures of kids is to just hang out and happen to have my camera with me. This was no problem while taking pictures Henry (and his most wonderful momma who has been my bestie since sophomore year of college!)

He is the most smiley, happiest baby ever. It was such a joy to visit with him earlier this year. Isn’t he the cutest ever?!?

On a slightly related note, Happy Pi Day!

Henry_2Henry_1 Henry_4Henry_3Henry_5Henry_6 Henry_7

Trampolines, Slam Dunks and Cool Sneakers | Smith Boys Portraits

Remember the boys with the coolest shoes ever? Leopard print WITH TAILS?!? What middle schoolers are that cool? These kids!

Here are some more pictures of these from the session we did for their holiday card. They were so much fun and we got tons of different pics. I love the ones dunking and hiding behind the bushes.

Happy Tuesday!