Month: July 2011

Jessica & Matt | Fernbank Museum of Natural History Engagement Portraits

Allow me to start this post with a very professional OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! The amount of fun I had photographing Jessica and Matt is totally out of control.

We went to Fernbank Museum of Natural History and took pictures everywhere: inside, outside, under dinosaurs. They were up for anything and it really shows in the huge range of pictures we got. Plus, they are the cutest and totally in love. It was like shooting beautiful fish in a barrel.

I could talk about how great everything went and how I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in September (!!!) but, I’ll just stop typing and get to the pics.


Brooke & Doug | Portland Maine Love Shoot

Eric and I had the pleasure of seeing a bunch of his high school friends in Portland. Before we met up with the big group, we had a drink with Brooke and Doug. We had about an hour to spare, in Old Port, with perfect light; of course we did a little love shoot!

One of my professors in college talked about capturing the gesture in photographs. Brook and Doug are masters of the sweet, loving gestures. They made my job easy! They were an absolute blast to photograph.

Joy and Isabel | Wayne Family Portraits

Lake + field + beautiful girl who loves to sing and dance. Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning?

I had so much fun with my friend Joy and her beautiful daughter Isabel taking pictures at the lake. It was a perfect foggy quiet morning, so Isabel really stood out. But, she always stands out. I love her “Fabulous!!!” series.

I really love these pictures. The combination of a little girl (which I have a huge soft spot for these days) and the quiet beauty of our home in Maine, I just can’t get enough.