Month: May 2011

Amy & Blake | Swarthmore Garden Wedding

Congratulations Amy & Blake!

More than a decade ago, I promised Amy that I would photograph her wedding. I am so thrilled to have made good on a promise to an old friend!

Their wedding was a true community affair. It is amazing how everyone came together to support them.

The ceremony was hosted by Blake’s parents in their beautiful home. They did an incredible job landscaping, check back for a separate blog post featuring all their amazing work.

Amy is an amazing designer and made her own dress. She also made the favors, bookmarks with quotes about love. (I am a bit obsessed with mine, love it!)

Blake made and bottled all the beer.

Family baked and decorated the wedding cake (recipe from Martha Stewart.)

And, most of all, the reception was a potluck dinner. In addition to the roast pig, friends and family brought dishes from salads to desserts.

There is such love and caring between Amy & Blake. I’m so happy to have been there to photograph the wedding. Congratulations again, you guys are an amazing family!

Nishawne and Family | Piedmont Park Portraits

My friend Nishawne and her family are the best sports ever!

We had a cloudy cold day (in May?!?! What’s going on with this weather?) and they were game for portraits. They didn’t bail when cloudy turned into rainy and we had to tromp around Piedmont Park with umbrellas. But, no worries, we got the beauty shots of the doggies in before they got wet and grumpy.

It was such a treat to meet the family Nishawne is always talking about. Plus, we got some really cute pictures. Thanks guys!